About Alkyl Amine Company

The company was incorporated in 1979 as a public listed company and it was named Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited (AACL). The Chairman and Managing Director of the company currently are Yogesh M Kothari, with Kirat Patel as CFO and Executive Director and Suneet Y Kothari as its other Executive Director. The company has its registered address in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Alkyl Amine Construction

With technology from the Leonard Process Company in the United States, the first facility was commissioned in 1982 at Patalganga to produce ethylamine. With the technical know-how of Acid Amines Technologies, USA, the site’s capacity was expanded to manufacture various amines, and it now houses two multipurpose amines plants with a combined capacity of more than 25000 MT/year.

It began construction on its Kurkumbh complex in 1995, where it now produces a variety of amines and amine derivatives in nine manufacturing plants with a combined capacity of more than 70000 MT per year.

It began production on its Dahej facility in 2018, with a single production plant capable of producing more than 35000 MT of amines per year. With its in-house created technologies, the company has established several facilities to create a wide range of specialty chemicals over the last two decades.

Alkyl Amine Company Market Price

The current market price of the company is of 2,955.20 points after losing 54.55 points in a day. The share price has fallen twice in the past 5 working days while it has risen three times and the fall has been continuous in the past 2 working days.

The share price of the company has gained 5.48% of its last value in the past week while it has fallen in three months by about 8.07% and if an investor seeks for long term like 3 years, the share price of the company has gained a huge amount of value of 835.84%, which the money earned is huge and the amount is lot gained for the investors.

The company has a history of paying out dividends to its investors from time to time. Generally, the company gives interim dividends in the month of July or August and in the month of February.

In the month of July 2021, the final dividend was provided by the company and per share was Rs. 6.00 and in February of 2021, the amount was Rs. 10.00 per share which was an interim dividend. The shareholding pattern of the company has the promoters its main shareholders as they own 72.03% of the company, while the public shareholding is 24.47%, which is more than institutional investors.

The rest of the company is owned by Institutional investors and other holders of the company which is a very small part.  The shareholding pattern of the company provides for the promoters of the company to hold most of the company which is a good thing for the public investors.

The standalone financials of the company are (Rs. Crores)-









Net Profit




Alkyl Amine Company Profit

The company in the past few years has been earning good revenue and profits over the years. The revenue and profits of the company have been increasing year on year, which is good for the investors of the company. The revenue of the company has increased from 2019 to 2020 by Rs. 146 crores which are about 17.25% more as compared to 2019 and in the year 2021.

It saw an increase in its revenue as compared to 2020 by Rs. 250 Crores which is 25.20% and in the terms of percentage increase of revenue of the company, it has increased in 2021 as compared to 2020.

As far as the net profits of the company are concerned, the net profits have increased in 2020 from 2019 by Rs. 132 crores which are 159.03% more than in 2019, and in 2021 the net profits have increased by Rs. 80 crores which are 37.20% more than 2020.

In terms of percentage in Net Profits increase, the amount of profits has increased but the percentage rate is lower in 2021 when compared with 2020.

Alkyl Amine Company Debt

The Debt to Equity ratio of the company has gotten better over the years. The company in the year 2020, improved its ratio compared to 2019 by 0.27. This ratio even got better in 2021 with the company improving the ratio by 0.06 and bringing it closer to 0, which is a good thing for the company.

As the closer to the value of 0, the company can take loans from institutional investors very easily, as the big companies provide loans only after seeing the previous year’s balance sheets and the debt to equity ratio.

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