About Balaji Amine Limited

Balaji Amines Limited company was founded in the year 1988 by Prathap Reddy, it started in the manufacturing of methyl Amines and in the run added Ethyl Amines. The company is currently run by D Ram Reddy as the Managing Director with A Prathap Reddy, who is the Executive Chairman of the company with G Hemanth Reddy who is an Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, and have N Rajeshwar Reddy as the Joint Managing Director of the company. The company has appointed A Srinivas Reddy in the role of another Whole Time Director. 

The company’s 1st plant was commissioned for manufacturing of Aliphatic amines was at Tamalwadi in Solapur. In 1992, the company opened its own Research and Development Centre at their 2nd unit in Bollaram in Hyderabad, to manufacture a few derivatives of Ethyl Amines, Methyl amines, and specialty chemicals.

The company in 1995 got listed on the Stock exchanges in India, by bringing out its Initial Public Offer of the company. This year itself, the company started manufacturing a drug immediate named Dimethyl Amines Hydrochloride (DMAHCL), which is used for the production of a generic dynamic drug named Metformin and the company is the largest producer of this drug.

In 2003, the company expanded its Hyderabad plant to increase the manufacturing capacity of Methyl amines for the company. In 2006, the company became the first and sole manufacturer of GAL, NMP, and Morpholine in the country. 

The vision and mission of the company are – 

  • Select new products from the existing product line for forwarding integration.
  • Select new processes for the existing products and optimize the process parameters.
  • Improve the processes by adopting new techniques and procedures.
  • Work on the efficiency of our services and maintain long-standing client relationships. 

The values of the company are – 

Our fundamental set of values includes developing innovative manufacturing techniques to enhance our services, keeping our market integrity, and excelling in all industries in which we operate. We follow them, and we want to do so in the future.

One of our main priorities is to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, as well as to create a safe and healthy workplace for all of them.

Balaji Limited Market Price

The current market price of the company is 2,924.00 points after gaining 20.75 points in a day. The share price has fallen once in the past 5 working days while it has risen four times and the gain has been continuous in the first 3 working days before falling and rising again.

The share price of the company has gained 3.90% of its last value in the past week while it has fallen in three months by about 8.80% and if an investor seeks for long term like 3 years, the share price of the company has gained a huge amount of value amounting to 504.14%, which the money earned is huge but the amount is gained for the investors.

The company has a history of paying out dividends to its investors from time to time. Generally, the company gives final dividends in the month of July and too nearly at the end of the month. In the month of July 2021, the final dividend per share was Rs. 4.00.

The shareholding pattern of the company has the promoters its main shareholders as they own 53.70% of the company, while the public shareholding is 42.23% only. The rest of the company is owned by Institutional investors and other holders of the company. The main investors in the company are currently the people promoting the company and the general public as they are 

Balaji Amines Finance

The standalone financials of the company are (Rs. Crores)-









Net Profit




Balaji Amines Profits

The company in the past few years has been earning revenue and profits over the years but it’s not like the company is doing that much great it is doing fine and they are maintaining the net profits in check.

The revenue of the company has decreased from 2019 to 2020 by Rs. 30 crores which are about 3.16% more as compared to 2019 and in the year 2021. It saw an increase in its revenue as compared to 2020 by Rs. 308 Crores which is 33.51% but in the terms of percentage increase of revenue of the company, it has gained in 2021 as compared to 2020.

As far as the net profits of the company are concerned, the net profits have decreased in 2020 from 2019 by Rs. 5 crores which are 4.23% less than in 2019, and in 2021 the net profits have increased by Rs. 118 crores which are 104.42% more than 2020.

The company’s performance had taken a hit in the year 2020 when the pandemic hit the world, but the company has got back on track, as the market is opening, and the revenue and net profits of the company also increased over the course of a year.

Balaji Amines Debt Equity

The Debt to Equity ratio of the company over the past 3 years has been dropping. The company has been able to improve the ratio from 2019 to 2020. With the company improving it more in 2021, as the company made the ratio to 0.0, which is good news for the company and they are improving their conditions over this year. The ratio for the company provides the future loans that can be taken and for the company, the future loans can be taken very easily, as the ratio in the previous year has been 0.0.

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