About Freelancer

A freelancer is a person who works as an independent rather than working for a company. A freelancer generally works on contract to contract basis of a company. These are self-employed people and are generally referred to as Independent Contractors. These are the people which are hired by the company on a short basis or from time to time on the quantity of the work to be done by them.

The charges of the freelancer depending on the amount of work done, basically for the words written, or the charges per day/hour or project to project. It depends on the freelancer to work the way the person likes. It is completely the choice of the person whether to accept the work or not.

The freelancer can be in any field be it the service or creative field, maybe it catering, computer programming, music, media, marketing, etc. It also gives a chance for a person to explore his creativity and also learn a new skill for the benefit of earning more.

There are websites which provide the services of a freelancer, as a freelancer can provide his details and register with them for free of charge and while registering with these websites, they have to provide the correct details about what kind of work they do, what are their qualifications, so that the person giving the work can know whether the person is eligible or not.

The registering person has to provide a price at which the person is willing to work. For example in terms of writing, the freelancer has to provide the cost of the writing of words like about a minimum price for 500 words for about 350 Rupees or more or depends on the person of how much price they want to quote for their work. The median freelance income of a person is $20 – $28 per hour. 

There are benefits of working as freelancers as well as – 

  • The person takes the work when he/she wants to work or not.
  • The person has not to go outside his house to find work or apply for jobs if a person has expertise in a field.
  • The person has a flexible work schedule, as to how much time they want to work or how much long time.
  • The benefit of freelancing is that it also helps in reducing the unemployment situation in the country.
  • The deadlines of an assignment are to be met on the dependency if the assignment is accepted or not.

The cons of freelancers as well are – 

  • The taxes to be paid by the user depend on the earnings of a person as the taxation on the income of a person is directly cut by the company but in person, the tax variation is to be on the person itself.
  • Health insurance is generally provided by the company for its users, but in the case of freelancing, a person has to get his own insurance policy for safety.
  • The work received is not consistent as a person is not sure after receiving an assignment it is not confirmed whether there will be another work or not.
  • The technology and software requirements are to be completed by self, as there is no other backing for a person to get the requirement for a business.
  • There is also a requirement of a constant number of clients or proper management of money.
  • If there is any problem arising in the world, then there might be chances that there is no work like due to covid-19 when there was a complete lockdown and there was no work for some period.

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