About Tcs

TCS is a consultancy firm that originated in India and was founded on 1st April 1968. The current headquarters of the company are in Mumbai, India. Currently, the chairman of the Board of the Tata Sons is N. Chandrasekaran. The current CEO and Managing Director of the company are Rajesh Gopinathan, and the director of the company is OP Bhatt. In recent times, the company has become the largest company in IT services company in the world after reaching a new height of 200 billion dollars in terms of market capitalization. The company’s largest campus is located in Chennai, India. 

The company has a parent company under which tree the company lies is Tata Group while the company has its own subsidiaries which are TCS Shanghai and Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC) which is in Pune, India established in 1981, and as of March 2021, the company has a total of 50 companies in over 46 nations all over the world. In the year 1993, the company partnered with Integrity Software Corp, which was a Canada-based software company, which later the company acquired. The company has become a public listed company in the year 2004 got listed on National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange. 

Tcs Market Price

The current market price of the company is 3,793.90 points. The share price has fallen twice in the past week while it has risen thrice. The share price of the company has gained 2.68% of its last value in the past week.

The financials of the company are –                                                                     (in Rs. Crores)









Net Profit




The company in the past few years has been earning good profits and also providing dividends to its shareholders as well. The company in the month of January declared an interim dividend of Rs. 7 per share. The revenue of the company has increased from 2019 to 2020 by Rs. 10,486 crores which is about 7.15% more as compared to 2019 and in the year 2021.

It saw rise as compared to 2020 by Rs. 7,228 Crores which is 4.60% but in the terms of percentage increase of revenue of the company, it is lower in 2021 as compared to 2020.  As far as the net profits of the company are concerned, the net profits have increased in 2020 from 2019 by Rs. 885 crores which are 2.80% more than 2019, and in 2021 the net profits increased by Rs. 115 Crores which is 0.35% more than 2020. Though the company is earning profits year on year the profits in 2021 have not increased more than the profits increased in 2020.

Tcs Sponsors Deal

 TCS has been in sponsorship deals with many teams, as it has been a title sponsor for various teams in different sports. It is mainly in title sponsorship deals with various marathons all over the world which include Toronto Marathon, London Marathon, Amsterdam Marathon, Lidingoloppet held in Sweden, Clark Animo in the Philippines, and New York City Marathon.

The company has invested in Indian marathons as well in which Mumbai Marathon is the most famous marathon in the world and is the title sponsor of World 10K Bengaluru which is held yearly in Bangalore. Recently the company joined title sponsorship with Jaguar Racing in Formula E which is a sport for electronic car racing and the deal came through as soon as Panasonic left as the team title sponsors.

The future plans of the company are related to investment and expanding its business in the Arizona district of the USA. The company plans to invest 300 million dollars to expand its operations in the district by 2026. The company is expected to hire around 10,000 local employees additional to what the company hires annually in the USA by 2022. The company has its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program which helps both the teachers and students through this program.

This program to help the teachers as it helps them in training and also helps in making content for the students for the year by 2023, as it is the main time frame till the classes are in online mode, after that the classes would be back to offline mode, so this program will help the teachers in the future as well, with the content to learn and better educate their students in normal classes mode as well. 

Tcs Work from Home Announement

The company plans to allow its employees to work from home. In the coming days, TCS would allow 75% of the workforce to work from home by 2025, the company said in an announcement. Earlier, the company had only 20% of the people working from homes but now the number has increased to 90% as the pandemic hit worldwide.

As the company had its workforce spread over 46 countries, it will help them to work from home through the company’s model name Secure Borderless WorkSpaces (SBWS). In this model, the company is trying not to just Indian offices but to the workers in the international offices as well. 

The company has come up with a new idea of creating a talent cloud or virtual talent pool which will be available at the company’s disposal for the requirements of the project, as per the client’s demands for the project and the pool is available for all the global locations across the world.

Generally, the practice of a company is one project for some specified people but with this pool, anyone asked by the company can work on the specified project. The company is also working on a 25X25 model, this model will provide 25% of the employees of the company working at a time in the office and they are to be 100% effective 

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